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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I am honored and would like to thank Glenda, a wonderful fashion blogger for my recent nominatation for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I can’t describe how happy I am! :) I really enjoy doing tags, so be sure to continue reading and find out more about the award!


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Smoothie cranberry raspberry

The sun is showing these days, the weather is getting better and that makes me in a mood to make some smoothies for my boyfriend and I. I never made these by myself, so it was so much fun to make a healthy, low calory smoothie! It’s something everybody should do! Be sure to continue reading for delicious recipe!


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Fashion printed leggings

Lately I’ve been pushing myself to try on things I wouldn’t dare to wear before. This includes a heavy printed legging – I never dared to wear them because I didn’t know if it would suit me, or I was afraid to style them. But there has been a good switch in my head, and I’ve been trying out lots of new outfits that I normally wouldn’t wear! Even when I think see something awful looking on the racks, I try it on – You should too! It’s amazing how something can totally suit you! :) Ready to see what I’ve matched?! (more…)

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I got this pair of glamour green color lenses of I’ve been longing for a new pair of color lenses, since my other color lenses are too old to use anymore. Besides, I wanted a color that was natural looking and yet a bit different than my own eye color; blue/grey. That’s why I choose for the glamour green color lenses. I got my order the day after I purchased it, their shipping has always been fast and that a major bonus point if you ask me. ;) I was really excited to expand my collection.

Glamour green color lenses

Loving the bright color of green

Glamour green color lenses

Covering my original eye color, though it isn’t fitting perfectly

Glamour green color lenses

Left eye green, right one is my original color

Product information:
Type: Glamour
Color: Green
Duration: 3 months
Strength: 0 (Plano)
Packing: 2 pieces (1 pair)

Usually the contact lenses from are very comfortable to wear. Sadly I purchased a pair that were not fitting perfectly on my eyes causing the color lens to drift. I’m quite sure that this is a small production error since I never had this problem with I wanted to upload a video review about this pair of colorlenses but the fact that I haven’t worn them in a while, and that they were floating around annoyed me a bit… I love to see clear, haha ;)

But on the bright side the color does cover nicely – You can hardly see my blue eyes if you compare it to the last photo in this post. Up close you can see that I’m wearing colorlenses but from a few steps away, nobody would know. I really love this color, so I’ll be looking for some new ones for sure! :)

You can purchase them over here: The website is only in Dutch and German, though I hope they’ll get an English version near the future as well!

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Recently I’ve been reading up about beauty boxes and have been more and more eager to give it a try. So after some browsing I found one that was very much to my liking and decided to give it a shot. Last week I finally had my VIP box in my mail, and I was really excitied about it. It’s my first time purschasing a box with random beauty products, but it’s defenitly something I’d do again! I only paid €5,00 for the first VIP box and my next order will be €12,50 per box. I think it’s a fair price, don’t you agree?

Vip Box


  1. Dr. van der Hoog – Crazy Cranberry Facemask €2,29
    I always have loved the facemask of Dr. van der Hoog. To be honest, I purchased a different one before I got my VIP box. But even this cranberry facemask is lovely! I think everyone should try this brand. They smell so good as well and the skin feels refreshing afterwards!
  2. Jelly pong pong – wide awake palette €18,95
    This palette has a concealer, highligther and eyebrow trio. To be honest, I’m in love with this palette. I have pretty dark circles underneath my eyes sometimes, so it is a good product to have and it covers up my dark circles quite well. Though the eyebrow set was a bit too dark for me, yet it makes my brows fuller than my catrice eyebrow set.
  3. Miners – Complete base face powder €2,50
    I thought that this face powder was a bit too light for me, but in the end it blended very well with my skintone. I really like this product since it’s pretty useful in the summer, I hate having the feeling of a thick cream to cover up my uneven skintones. I must admit that it doesn’t cover everything, but for this price it’s pretty good. Defenilty something I’ll use a lot more now.
  4. Beauty UK – bronzer €3,95
    I always wondered how good the Beauty UK products were, since I saw reviews about them – yet I didn’t have the courage to purchase it by myself, so I was happy that this was in my VIP box! The bronzer is a bit too dark for me now but I think when summer is around, and my skin isn’t that pale anymore, that this will be perfect to match with my Miners face powder.
  5. Blush Brush – Davinci €25,50
    This brush feels so soft, though I’m not sure if it is something I’d buy. The brush look so pretty but when I’m using it – it just loses it’s brush “hair”. That’s something what really annoyed me, especially when I’m looking at the price. Maybe I just had the wrong one, but that would be quite unlikely.
  6. Raw skincare – Lipbalm €2,95
    I got the Mint lipbalm in my box, but to be honest, I’m not a mint-fan. I think I’d prefer the ginger version of it. The package looks quite nice, and it feels really soft on the lips, so that is a bonus point. But not judging on the awful taste, I really do enjoy this lipbalm on my lips, the mint does give a ‘fresh’ feeling, just like brushing your teeth.

Hope you liked my reviews about this box and it’s products! Let me know in the comments if you want to see another vip box review of me!

Many thanks for everyone who has entered the catrice’s eyeshadow palette giveaway. The winner of this giveaway is Britt ! Congratulations!

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If you follow my blog, you can easily see my addiction to nail polishes these days. They can easily add more style to your whole outfit, don’t you think? Today I’m going to review the Rimmel London space dust nailpolishes which I got shortly after reviewing my Rimmel London Sweetie Crush nailpolishes.

Rimmel Londen space dust

As you can see I only got two of the Rimmel London space dust collection, this is because I find these two pretty catchy. The left one is 004 Luna Love and the right one is the 005 Total Eclipse. Not totally for spring, but they look quite fancy! They are avaible for €6.99 in the local drugstores. The bottles hold 8ml and the design of the bottles are so lovely!

Rimmel Londen space dust

Rimmel Londen space dust

I tried the 004 Luna Love out on my left hand, and I immediately fell in love with the color. Though it looks quite light on my nails, in realitly it’s the same color of the bottle (I had some bad lighting). It’s like a raspberry color but then a bit darker yet it looks “spicy” and sweet at the same time. I had to put on two coats before this color was equal, but not on every single nail. I guess that’s a good thing, don’t you think?! ;)

Rimmel Londen space dust

Rimmel Londen space dust

On my right hand I tried the 005 Total Eclipse, as you can see, it’s clearly not my favorite hand to paint on, haha ;) I had nobody to take pictures of my left hand, so I had some trouble shooting pictures with my other hand. Next time I’ll plan it better before I shoot any photos. I do like the color but I admit that it isn’t my favorite. The first coat didn’t apply so well, I had to give all my nails a second coat. The color is dark for sure, but it can match your outfit when you want to create a darker look.

In overall, I do think the 004 Luna Love is my favorite one out of those two. They both are a bit dark, but they are wonderful to add to your collection. I’d definitely recommend these two beautiful colors.

Have you tried the Rimmel London Space dust nailpolishes? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!
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