If I’m crazy about something, it is Utrecht. I love to shop there; I can never get enough of it. If it was up to me, I was there every weekend. Not to live but just to dive into the stores. That is why I will share my 5 favorite fashion hotspots in Utrecht today!

1. All the Luck in the World

Yes, first of all All the Luck in the World . A store where I really can not walk past. When I discovered them I immediately fell in love and I guess you will have that as soon as you enter this shop in Utrecht. Such a sweet little shop. Well more focused on living but they also have super nice jewelry there! It is a small shop in Utrecht but they are also in Amsterdam! And I think that is also bigger there but still worth the visit!

2. Lola Liza

I met this store in another city once (do not ask me anymore, I forgot that!) But I was so happy to see that they were in Utrecht. You can go for everything, festive, sexy, comfy or just want to look good, they have everything to taste. A perfect fashion store in Utrecht where the clothes are of great quality and also affordable!

3. Pull & Bear

Everyone knows Pull & Bear, that’s something I can not get out of, and yet they come to my hotspots list. They are certainly fashionable and fashionable. In addition, the prices are also affordable. Even my friend thinks it’s a nice store despite not being so fashion-oriented. 😉 Every time I dive into the store with them, delicious sniffing!

4. The Kaufhaus

I am not very quickly of second-hand stuff, but at the Kaufhaus in Utrecht I do not care! They literally have an eye for detail and there is always something nice to find there; whether you need it or not, it is fun! I once saw a nice brown jacket and I really regret not having taken it back then. They sell clothing, bags, jewelery and shoes, but also other small home accessories. And if you buy something with them you also contribute to this because they are also involved with charities.

5. Monki

Monki will undoubtedly know you too. I do not always buy something but often they have really nice clothing and accessories. So as soon as I am in Utrecht I will definitely walk in there as well. I even bought a pair of pants that I did not expect to buy. And yes, I still have to do a shoot with it, haha! But seriously, taste for fashion inside and outside the borders Monki certainly has!

These were really my favorite fashion hotspots in Utrecht. So I hope you can visit them soon as soon as you are in the area! 🙂

Do you already know these great fashion hotspots? Did I miss any?