I’m often asked what is the use of a tape measure? Some people think it’s so weird that I carry one on me and have another on my bedroom dresser. So for today I decided that I’d tell you about all of the fabric tape measure uses that help me to get the perfect fit!

A fashion cloth tape measure.

Why bother learning about cloth tape measure uses?

Discovering your measurements can be scary and stressful but it is also empowering! Knowing your measurements makes shopping so much easier and it gives you a greater appreciation and understanding of your body. Getting a cloth measuring tape opens up a world of possibility for knowing both what clothing will fit you and how it should look. The best part is that they are super cheap (under $5) both online and in your local craft shop!

Here are 9 cloth tape measure uses for women who love fashion!

  1. Measuring your body type (duh)! There are tons of guides online about finding your body type—maybe I’ll write one someday! The system that I use is Imogen Lamport’s. She’s my favorite.
  2. Buying bras that actually fit right. Measure your bust and underbust so that you can find your perfect match.
  3. Knowing where your garments will lay on your body based on their lengths.
  4. Figuring out the distance between your shoulders. Sometimes a blouse might fit you perfectly everywhere else but then you find out your shoulders are too wide. 🙁
  5. Measuring your ankles to make sure that your feet can make it out of your jeans. This tip also helps for some styles of shoes.
  6. Use your tape measure to calculate your inseams, waist, and hip measurements for pants.
  7. Knowing if that pretty bracelet you found online will fit your wrist. For bracelets without a clasp or bangle, you can measure the width of your wrist and your closed hand. If having your bracelets slide to your elbow annoys you, you can also measure for that too!
  8. Measure you ring sizes and necklace chain lengths.
  9. Finding calf boots that fit. Get your calves measured both flexed and unflexed to figure out how those boots will fit.

There’s a ton more that I’m probably missing so please share your cloth tape measure uses in the comments!

One bonus tip is to measure your favorite pieces of clothing while they’re laid out on your bed. You can find out the exact proportions on your favorite jeans and then find the perfect match when you’re shopping other brands or models online.