A girl can never have too much bags in her life, we girls always need more of them in our life. We can’t have only one, we just can’t, right ladies? I’ll share my favorites with you today, be sure to continue reading after you check out the pics! 🙂

These bags are in styles I recently started to love, the first one is quite playfull and colorful. I really love the bright colors and the pattern. Besides the fact that it’s trendy, it’s also are quite challenging to style with your outfit. I mostly still need another cute backpack but I really like the first one!

The last two bags are quite simple but in the same way stylish as well. I really like the shade of pink on the handbag, I think this would match perfectly with a jeans in the same print and a simple blouse & blazer. Of course, I always fall in love with bags with bows on them, they are just so addicting like flower prints.

I really think having a few different kind of sizes comes in handy most of the time, it gives you more options to style your outfit. Sometimes I just need my phone and my wallet instead of having my whole bag full of deodorant, agenda, make-up, handcream, etc. In the end, we all want to look stylish with our whole outfit. A lovely bag, big or small can just finish the look in the end.

Though I haven’t convinced Raymond to let me buy more bags, I’m hoping that your comments will convince him for me, haha!

What are your favorite bags/clutches? Any prints/basics that you really like?