To set the scene: you live in Manhattan. Preferably upper west side because you are Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail. Or some other rom com star. You can afford a fancy one bedroom apartment with parquet flooring and crown molding because of this.

You wake up, lie in bed, burrow yourself into a blanket burrito for some time. Eventually, you arise. (Or, alternatively, stay in bed and make an inspo board on Pinterest about sunday mornings).

You get your coffee, wipe away the remnants of sleep as you head to do errands (which always seem to be limited to buying flowers and baked goods), brunch by yourself (the best kind of brunch), and head across the Park to go to the Met for that new exhibit. (You live in New York, so you do not have to pay the new mandatory $25 fee but you pay it anyway because you are the type of person who has parquet flooring and crown molding).

You’ll come back that afternoon and snuggle back up by your window if its warm or fireplace if its cold (yes your fancy ass apartment has a fireplace) and read Pride and Prejudice because you want to read a romance novel but are feeling classy.

Your outfit: No time for makeup. No time for hair. Not even time to pull your hair out of your turtleneck. Definitely No Heels. Just sweaters. Or tees if it is warm enough. Everything is soft but also fancy because you are posh, but like low-key posh. The only accessories are sunglasses to hide your still bleary eyes and big ass earrings to make it look like you tried.

Two goals for the day = (1) look like a celebrity Emma off duty (2) talk to NO ONE (except the waiter).

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