You’ve seen this trend all over the gram: effortlessly tucking an oversized sweater into jeans or a skirt. Have you ever tried it though? These bulky oversized sweaters create huge lumps under your pants (talk about unrealistic beauty standards). Well here’s the secret: the sweaters you see aren’t actually tucked!

This infographic on the oversized sweater “tuck” from Style By Jules shows exactly how this look is pulled off.

Instead of using a belt, some women will roll the fabric up underneath thee sweater and use a safety pin or a body adhesive (like It Stays) to hold the fabric in place. I’ve even heard of some women tucking the sweater up underneath their bra—but I wouldn’t recommend that.

Now that you know how it’s done, here’s an inspiration album to give you some ideas on how you can pull off an outfit with the oversized sweater tuck!