Makeup Box Review

Here are all of the products that I received in the box.

Recently I’ve been reading up about beauty boxes and have been more and more eager to give it a try. So after some browsing I found one that was very much to my liking and decided to give it a shot. Last week I finally had my VIP box in my mail, and I was really excited about it. It was my first time purchasing a box with random beauty products, but it’s definitely something I’d do again! I only paid $5.00 for the first VIP box and my next order will be $12.50 per box. I think it’s a fair price, don’t you agree?

1. Dr. van der Hoog – Crazy Cranberry Facemask

I always have loved the facemask of Dr. van der Hoog. To be honest, I purchased a different one before I got my VIP box. But even this cranberry facemask is lovely! I think everyone should try this brand. They smell so good as well and the skin feels refreshing afterwards!

2. Jelly pong pong – wide awake palette

This palette has a concealer, highlighter and eyebrow trio. To be honest, I’m in love with this palette. I have pretty dark circles underneath my eyes sometimes, so it is a good product to have and it covers up my dark circles quite well. Though the eyebrow set was a bit too dark for me, yet it makes my brows fuller than my catrice eyebrow set.

3. Miners – Complete base face powder

I thought that this face powder was a bit too light for me, but in the end it blended very well with my skintone. I really like this product since it’s pretty useful in the summer, I hate having the feeling of a thick cream to cover up my uneven skintones. I must admit that it doesn’t cover everything, but for this price it’s pretty good. Defenilty something I’ll use a lot more now.

4. Beauty UK – Bronzer

I always wondered how good the Beauty UK products were, since I saw reviews about them – yet I didn’t have the courage to purchase it by myself, so I was happy that this was in my VIP box! The bronzer is a bit too dark for me now but I think when summer is around, and my skin isn’t that pale anymore, that this will be perfect to match with my Miners face powder.

5. Blush Brush – da Vinci

This brush feels so soft, though I’m not sure if it is something I’d buy. The brush look so pretty but when I’m using it – it just loses it’s brush “hair”. That’s something what really annoyed me, especially when I’m looking at the price. Maybe I just had the wrong one, but that would be quite unlikely.

6. Raw skincare – Lipbalm

I got the Mint lipbalm in my box, but to be honest, I’m not a mint-fan. I think I’d prefer the ginger version of it. The package looks quite nice, and it feels really soft on the lips, so that is a bonus point. But not judging on the awful taste, I really do enjoy this lipbalm on my lips, the mint does give a ‘fresh’ feeling, just like brushing your teeth.

Hope you liked my reviews about this box and it’s products! Let me know in the comments if you want to see another makeup box review by me!