Footwear comes up a lot here on Rockin’ Heels. Lots of women think that heels are some unspoken requirement at work, or that they’re too short to go flat, or that [insert body part here] needs to be “balanced” by a heel, or that their style needs a pump to work.

If I can’t pry your heels from your cold, dead hands, that’s fine. This inspo album isn’t here to hate on heels. This inspo album is for everyone who has ever doubted their ability to look professional without a heel, or struggled to believe that a particular outfit looks just as good with a flat shoe.

The photos chosen attempt to meet a minimum of business casual standards, in a workplace where jeans and sneakers are a no-no. Even if these fits don’t meet your workplace’s dress code, you probably can tweak them just a bit to work in even the most conservative workplace.

Click an image on the gallery for the full size, then you can swipe through the entire album. 🙂

What do you think?

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