Yes, the title says it a bit. Today I am going to share with you the number 1 mistake that fashion bloggers make every time. Of course not everyone but it would be nice if you think and work as a blogger. Are you curious? Then read on quickly. And of course, take this with a grain of salt. 😉

The # 1 mistake that fashion bloggers make is …

Woman Smiling in the Mirror

A smile, a simple smile

When you look back at your fashion blog photos that you make, do you have your very nice smile on the picture? Yes? Yay! Then you get bonus points from me;) And if it is not, then to my knowledge you really make the biggest blunder for your blog and photos. Because say so honestly, that nice smile of yours, that’s how your outfit exudes more. And it is also very good!

A simple smile can simply improve the quality of your photos. And tell me, who would want to have such a style on his blog? Come on, laugh!

Woman Laughing in Winter

Like I said, just take this with a grain of salt. 😉 But when I land on a fashion blog where the person has a dead serious face, this does not really appeal to me. Because such a laugh simply completes your outfit. Super big style mistake that you can make in my opinion. If you take the picture above, then my right picture is much more fun?

That’s why I never get the fashion shows, where you see all those pictures of those models pass by. They never laugh. Probably because of the fact that you have to look at the designer items. Correct me if I’m wrong . I understand that, but it does not appeal to me. So many beautiful models and then no laugh. It’s just about the point, if you wear those designer clothes do you still feel happy about them? That ensures that you just rock that nice look with a super nice smile on your face.

Of course it is not wrong if you take a serious look at your fashion photos, of course you can. 😉 It is simply my personal taste. Plus, I’d rather just laugh at you! : D Dusja, I just hope not to see this style error anymore;)

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile”

Do you think that a smile completes an outfit?